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Hills Prescription Diet KD Adult Cat Food Tins (24 x 156g)

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Manufacturer: Hills Pet Food



Hills Prescription Diet KD Adult Cat Food Tins (24 x 156g).

Hills KD for the nutritional management of pets with kidney disorders.

There are many causes of kidney disease (also called renal disease) resulting in a variety of uncomfortable and even life threatening symptoms for your cat. Kidney disease can be either sudden (acute) or occur gradually (chronic).

Hills K/D minced with chicken diet has been specially formulated by vets to help manage kidney disease and improve quality of life in your pet.

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Susan Houghton

I bought these after our 12 year-old cat had been diagnosed with kidney failure. Normally a very fast/greedy eater, he took a long time to finish his portion - never a large one - generally leaving some behind - and still demanding more. So he was not really keen on this thick, pate-type food, and became less and less so. As far as improving his condition was concerned, however, at his next blood-test this had improved dramatically, being almost normal again, so if your cat likes it, go for it! We changed to the pouches, which he loves and polishes the bowl!