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Hills Prescription Diet JD Reduced Calorie Adult Dog Food

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Manufacturer: Hills Pet Food

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Hills Prescription Diet JD Reduced Calorie Adult Dog Food.

Hills JD reduced calorie is an innovative food that helps ease aching joints and improves quality of life in as little as 21 days.

Hills Prescription J/D Canine unique formula contains high levels of EPA (Eicosapentanoic Acid), an omega-3 fatty acid found in high concentrations in fish oil. Research has shown that EPA can help maintain joint function. Natural glucosamine and chondroitin provide the building blocks of healthy cartilage, and L-carnitine helps maintain optimum body weight.

Hills Prescription J/D Canine improves the quality of life by helping dogs run better, play better, and rise more easily.

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Linda Harbottle

Quite a few years ago our Border Collie [now in his 17th year!] had major problems with his joints. Our vet recommended j/d diet and Shep has been on this ever since, fluctuating between reduced calorie and ordinary. I really believe his good health [and longevity] is due to this fantastic product. It may appear to be expensive but it's worth every penny.

Joly Marie Caroline

merci de m expedier rapidement ces produit mc joly

Kevin Minshull

Our 12 year old Border Collie Meg suffers terribly on her back legs spondulitis I think its called we have tried all sorts of food supplements etc till our vet recommended this food she has been on it know for 3 months and she is a different dog we couldn't believe such an improvement. She is still a little stiff after a long rest when she gets up but nowhere near as bad as she used to be we where a little wary at first because of the cost but it is well worth it and when we have finished the bag she is on now which was bought from our vet we will certainly be buying from Vets UK it is a lot cheaper.

Sue Yeomans

Our senior Lab is on the Hills Prescription R/D biscuits and as she suffers with her joints, I decided to try her on this variety whilst the were on offer. She has never been a fussy eater so I was surprised to find that right from the start she wasn't keen on eating these at all. I do think she was less 'clicky' in her joint movements quite quickly, but as she ended up not eating the biscuit part of her meals at all, even though she was hungry, it was obviously a pointless exercise - she is back on the R/D now and happy again! I don't know whether it was the taste; texture; or smell that she didn't like, I just wish I had opted to try a small bag first.

Trevor Barr

We have had our 10 year old staffie on this food for a couple of months now, and she is definitely benefiting from it. Being a fussy eater she has surprised us by eating all of her dried food at mealtimes instead of leaving half of it, plus we haven't had to give her any other joint supplements as we have been doing for the last few years. She still has stiff joints (especially after long walks), but they are much better than they were before.

Alison Taylor-barnes

I was invited to try this food by VetUK and won a free 12kg bag (nice one!). We have a 6yo cocker spaniel bitch who was not very keen to exercise and gaining pounds as a result. I was very sceptical that a foodstuff could make any difference. BUT - The combination of low calorie kibble and whatever the active ingredients are to support joints appear to be doing the trick. Our little girl has lost about 4lbs in about 7 wks which is a nice steady loss, her coat is gleaming and she is bounding around like a pup! The only other 'treats' she gets are dental chews and Verm-X crunchies to rid her naturally of internal parasites. All are much appreciated by her :-) and we're delighted with the results of all the products we're using. Cannot recommend Hills Reduced Calorie j/d highly enough. Superb product. Does exactly what it says on the bag!