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Hills Prescription Diet ID Adult Dog Food

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Manufacturer: Hills Pet Food

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Hills Prescription Diet ID Adult Dog Food.

Hills ID is used for the nutritional management of dogs with gastrointestinal disorders.

Gastrointestinal (GI) disorders may affect the dogs stomach, intestines, or both. They can cause vomiting, maldigestion, diarrhoea, or constipation. Dogs may lose weight and dehydrate.

Hills I/D canine dry diet was developed to help manage GI disorders in dogs, reducing or eliminating problems such as diarrhoea in dogs, flatulence, pancreatitis and gastric disorders.

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Helen Freeborn

Our dog, who is on a special diet because she has an ulcer, was ordered on to Hill's id food by her vet. She's used to dry, complete foods, so we feed her a mixture of the tinned Hill's id and these biscuits - which she likes very much. The biscuits are so tasty that she has them for her training rewards, too. Our order came incredibly quickly from and we will be making repeat orders.

Judith Taylor

My Jack Russell Terrier required this product after having major abdominal surgery a little while back. It appeared to be very palatable & easy to digest and she is now fully recovered. Normally she eats the Hills Canine RD which I purchase from VetUK and I am always 100% happy with the pricing/service/delivery they give. Thank you VetUK!