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Hills Prescription Diet DD Adult Cat Food 1.5kg (Venison)

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Manufacturer: Hills Pet Food



Hills Prescription Diet DD Adult Cat Food 1.5kg (Venison).

Hills DD for the nutritional management of cat & dogs with food allergy and or food intolerance.

Food allergy and intolerance may result in numerous skin and stomach problems that can cause discomfort and pain in your pet.

Also known as adverse reactions to food, this condition is usually an abnormal response to the protein found in pet food. Hills D/D diet comes with novel / new protein sources to help manage pets with such adverse reactions to food.

Commonly, food allergy & intolerance is often caused by beef, dairy products and wheat. Hills D/D foods contain none of these.

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Michaela Lawson

I am so grateful to have found this food for my persian 15yrs old. He is incredibly fussy and has chronic rhinitis, so cannot smell food so well. He has had skin problems and tummy problems, but since starting this food has put weight back on and enjoys eating again! VetUK sells this at a good price and always deliver quickly. Thank you!

S M Daly

I have 4 cats, one of which is suffering from an allergy causing excessive licking & biting his fur. My vet suggested trying a novel protein food, to eliminate potential food allergens. Whilst I am still trialling improvement of his condition, I was delighted all 4 of my cats happily accept & devour this food, which only has venison for protein and no cereals.

Tanya Bishop

My younger cat developed a food allergy which resulted in him being on tablets and trying lots of different foods. He tried Royal Canin Sensitivity food (like my older cat eats) and this did not help him. The vet suggested we tried this food and he loves it - and he has not been ill since.

Mary W Houghton

Hills D/D Venison and Green Pea has really helped my cat with his allergies. Both my Bengals eat just this food. Their coats are glossy and they are both really healthy now. The price is amazing as well and so is the service from VetUK. If your cat is having allergy problems, then try Hills D/D it really does work.

Mary Cockcroft

D/D Venison & Green Pea is a real blessing for our stud boy who has some food intolerances. He can only eat a small bit of most foods and tends toward being thin as a result. Thanks to D/D he is putting weight on and his health is greatly improved. Additionally, we have found that D/D is lower in phosphates than some of the renal diets we have found and, is the perfect appetite enhancer for our CRF cat! Our kittens were always trying to get into the bowl as well so we decided to keep a bowl down for everyone. Now they can all choose from D/D, I/D, and Natures Best. Everyone is happy and eating what they need when they need it!