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Harringtons Optimum Guinea Pig Food

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Manufacturer: Harringtons

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Harringtons Optimum Guinea Pig Food is a complementary feed containing all-in-one nuggets to help avoid selective feeding.

Containing a variety of high quality ingredients in a balanced formulation, the nuggets have added extra vitamin C in a protected form to help keep your guinea pig healthy, and have been fortified with vitamins and minerals to help support your guinea pig's immune system.

Key Benefits:

  • Quality sources of Fibre essential for healthy digestion
  • Antioxidant vitamins A and E help to support a healthy immune system
  • Added prebiotic to help support digestive function
  • No artificial colours or flavours and no added sugar
  • Added apple and grape for extra tastiness

Sunflower Ext., Wheatfeed, Grass, Oatfeed, Maize, Apple (4%), Grape (4%), Carob Meal, Vegetable Oil, Minerals, Yeast (0.1%)

Nutritional Information:
Protein 17%, Fat Content 4.5%, Crude Fibre 17%, Crude Ash 7%, Calcium 0.8%, Phosphorous 0.6%

Additives (Per Kg):
Vitamin A 23,500 iu, Vitamin D3 1,700 iu, Vitamin E (alpha tocopherol acetate) 95 mg, Vitamin C (ascorbyl monophosphate) 300 mg, Iron Sulphate Monohydrate 30 mg, Calcium Iodate Anhydrous 2.5 mg, Cupric Sulphate Pentahydrate 25 mg, Manganous Oxide 48 mg, Zinc Oxide 34 mg, Zinc Chelate 166 mg, Antioxidant.

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All Reviews Write Review

Jason Lawley

Only the best for my piggy winkles, Buddy and Sheepy thank you for the nuggetses.

Laura Edgeley

I have 18 piggies all who love this. Its a great product

Eileen Austin

These nuggets are loved by all my guinea pigs,it is a good size pellets especially for young guinea pigs,no selective feeding.packaging is strong so it is not damanged in price.

Chloé Slevin

Nothing makes my guinea pig squeak more than his daily rations of Harringtons! The pellets are similar in size to a grain of rice, so easier to masticate than Burgess etc. My only criticism would be that the fibre content is lower than competitors at 17%, but my guinea pig is the picture of health so I see no reason to switch at the moment.