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Flexi New Classic Retractable 3m Tape Lead (Extra Small)

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Manufacturer: Flexi

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Flexi New Classic Retractable 3m Tape Lead - Extra Small.

Stylish in design and with a comfortable, ergonomically designed handle, the tried and tested Flexi Classic Lead has been redesigned with a new high tech range.

The sophisticated lead, now lighter in design, features a comfortable short-stroke braking button as part of the built-in quick response braking system, ensuring the highest standard of safety and comfort on your daily walks.

The lead has been designed to extend up to a distance of 3m (10ft), allowing your dog more freedom, whilst allowing you full control and the ability to retract your pet as needed.

Suitable for dogs weighing up to 12kg

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Lisa Friel

Please be very careful buying a flexi lead, I bought this lead for my 10 month old dog who pulls on the lead and doesn’t recall well, because he is not good with other dogs we have him muzzled and don’t let him off but want his to be able to give him a bit of freedom with the lead extended whilst we are in the wide open space of the park and no other dogs are in his sight. On the first attempt using this lead the lock slipped off and caused him to run into the road getting out of the car! I wasn’t sure if it was a one off so carried on using but thought to be on the safe side would use his short lead until I got him safely into the park and would then put him on the flexi lead. This seemed fine and he enjoyed being able to sniff and run whilst the lead was extended. As we came across a narrow path in the park I reeled him in and locked the lead, however we came across another dog so I put him into the sit position holding him by his collar and the handle of the flexi lead but he got stressed and barked anxiously at the other dog passing close to him so I decided to walk him away, but as I did again the lock slipped off by itself and the lead extended! I was holing the handle with one hand and grabbed the tape with my other hand which has caused very painful burns as he charged the other dog and thankfully he was wearing his muzzle as couldn’t do any physical damage, fortunately the other dog didn’t panic and attack him either. I tried to pull him away but he is very strong, luckily a passer by helped me pull him off the other dog but I am furious that this happened and just to be sure it was definitely a fault with the lead I tested it a third time in the privacy of my own garden and as soon as he pulled to chase a pigeon the lock lipped off and lead extended by itself! I do think flexi leads are good for use in the park if you have a dog that you don’t want to let off for various reasons as allows them more freedom than a short lead, but would never use a flexi lead on the pavement again as I don’t trust the locks on them and use near a road would be dangerous!