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Bob Martin Clear Home Flea Bomb - From £4.99

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Bob Martin Clear Home Flea Bomb

Bob Martin Clear Home Flea Bomb big image

Manufacturer: Bob Martin



Bob Martin Clear Home Flea Bomb is a smoke generating insecticide flea killer to use in your home for a mass extermination.

Warm environments provide ideal climates for flea infestations to flourish, making your home a key target as fleas jump from your pets to your furnishings and carpets.

The Bob Martin Home Flea Bomb quickly gets to work in eliminating the infestation, killing the fleas dead!

Recommended that you treat your pet as well as your home.

Flea bomb treats rooms up to 36 cubic metres.

Please note that permethrin can be harmful to cats and caution is advised if this product is to be used around them.

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