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Scalibor Dog Collar

Scalibor Dog Flea Collar controls the infestations of pests - ticks, mosquitoes and flies for up to 6 months. The Scalibor Dog Collar should be fixed around your dogs neck and will help control.

Scalibor Collars for Dogs (48cm)

Scalibor Collars for Dogs (48cm)

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Scalibor Collars for Dogs help control the infestations of ticks, mosquitoes and flies for up to 6 months. It also has some activity against fleas and is used in some countries as...[More info]

Scalibor Collars for Dogs (65cm)

Scalibor Collars for Dogs (65cm)


Scalibor Collar for Dogs help control the infestations of ticks, mosquitoes and flies for up to 6 months. It also has some activity against fleas and is used in some countries as a flea...[More info]


Scalibor Protectorband, one of the risks to our dogs on country walks are the parasites that can be picked up. Especially significant are ticks and the potential risks posed by the diseases they can carry. Ticks are blood-feeding parasites which are widespread and can inhabit woodland, scrub and rough moor and grassland. Often feeding on deer and other wildlife, ticks lie in wait until they detect an animal (or human!) wandering past whereupon they attach and commence feeding until fully engorged with blood. A female adult tick can ingest as much as 8ml of blood in one meal, so infestations with multiple ticks can be particularly unpleasant.

Although more common in the warmer months, ticks can be encountered through much of the year even in the UK. They vary in size and appearance depending on the type of tick. The commonest tick seen on pets in the UK is the “Castor Bean Tick” with an adult tick fully engorged typically looking like a smooth blue-grey wart or bean attached to the skin. Close scrutiny with a magnifying glass however will reveal a set of legs at the skin surface.

Ticks are unpleasant not only because they feed on blood but also because they can carry a range of unpleasant diseases. Ticks in the UK can sometimes carry Lyme disease, but in countries as close as France other serious and potentially fatal tick-borne diseases such as canine babesiois and ehrlichiosis also occur. Whenever ticks attach it is important to remove them as soon as possible being careful to ensure that they are removed intact. Never burn them or simply pull them off since it is all too easy to partially remove them leaving the head or mouth parts embedded in the skin. Tick removal devices make this a far easier procedure – your veterinary practice can provide advice on this.

Even with care, physical removal can still be tricky so taking steps to prevent them attaching is better than cure! As well as ticks, dogs that travel abroad are also at risk from sandflies and mosquitoes which also carry serious diseases such as leishmaniasis and heartworm.

Scalibor Protectorband is a collar that provides 5-6 months protection against ticks, sandflies and mosquitoes. It contains the active ingredient deltamethrin which is very effective against these insects. Unlike traditional collars which work by evaporation, deltamethrin is released by the friction of the Scalibor Protectorband rubbing on your dog’s neck and covers the entire body. The deltamethrin travels via the lipid layer on your dog’s skin so is not absorbed systemically. The release is constant over the 5-6 months so the effect does not wear off. Also there is no reduced efficacy of the collar if it gets wet.

Scalibor Protectorband comes in 2 sizes – 48cm for small/medium dogs and 65cm for large/extra large dogs.