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Staykil Household Flea Spray 500ml

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Manufacturer: Ceva

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Staykil Household Flea Spray is a well known brand that kills fleas throughout your home.

When your dog or cat gets fleas, your home gets them too and it is extremely important to treat the environment alongside your pet. Carefully spray all the surfaces where you have seen fleas, including pet bedding, baskets and rugs.

Tetramethrin 0.28% w/w, D-Phenothrin 0.14% w/w

Please Note: This product is not for use directly on animals, clothing or human bedding.

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Muriel Waldt

Although I no longer have a cat I still continue to use Staykill in my house as I have found that it is a very effective way of getting rid of spiders (also fleas which is why I used it in the first place) My vet was horrified that I would use this method but as I am an acute arachnophobia, believe me it is the only answer, apart from living in a bubble!!! and fearing them as I do I am not sure that a bubble would be secure.