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Eukanuba Renal Formula Feline Cat Tins

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Manufacturer: Eukanuba


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Eukanuba Renal Formula veterinary diet is designed to address the nutritional needs of your cat once kidney failure has been identified by your Vet.

Renal Formula diet provides appropriate amounts of protein to help your cat maintain overall condition, plus special ingredients to help minimize the build-up of wastes in the bloodstream.

12 x 170g.

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Sally Barling

This is the only renal food my cat will eat, after trying 3 other brands it was a relief to find one he likes.

Arthur Bennett

My cat won't eat this. He likes several other brands of renal food but not this one. I think they need to work on the taste and smell. He just sniffs it and won't eat it. I've tried warming it up, adding a little water (it's very paste like) but to no avail. It can be as nutritionally perfect and kidney compliant as you like, but if the cat won't eat it - not sure what use it is to be honest.

Lesley Mcl.

I don't like the consistency of this food. All of the renal foods I've tried are paste-like but this is more so than the others and it is hard to mash up to make it easier for the cat to eat. My 18 year old cat didn't like it and he loves Royal Canin and Hills Prescription. I introduced it gradually as advised and still no luck. Your cat's mileage may vary!