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Sancerum Ear Cleaner for Cats and Dogs 125ml

Sancerum Ear Cleaner for Cats and Dogs 125ml big image

Manufacturer: MSD Animal Health



Sancerum is an antiseptic, anti fungal and ceruminolytic ear cleanser designed to remove crusts, dirt and scales and to dry the ear canal.

Sancerum may be used for routine ear cleansing in dogs and to facilitate examination of the ear canal or prior to the administration of medicines (e.g. antibiotics) for the treatment of otitis externa.

Contains: Salicylic acid, Lactic acid, Parachlorometaxylenol and Docusate sodium in an aqueous, antiseptic, alcohol-free and non-irritating base.

Directions: Shake well before use. Gently rub the base of the ear and then wipe the interior of the ear with a swab moistened with Sancerum.

Use once or twice weekly or before each specific otitis externa treatment.

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Mark Middleton
October 2013

Best thing ever used, does what it says on the tin. The nib could be a little slower as it comes out a bit fast.

Caryn Ford
May 2011

Have used this ear cleaner on rabbits under vet instructions and l can highly recommend it,the ear cleaner helps breakdown a lot of wax and used on a piece of cotton wool it is an ideal ear cleaner and works well on our dogs to.

Steve Barron
September 2010

Very safe and effective ear cleaning product. Great for routine cleaning and keeping dog's ears smelling fresh and clean. Breaks through dirty deposits. Well recommended.