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Oticurant Ear Powder for Dogs (24 Sachets)

Oticurant Ear Powder for Dogs (24 Sachets) big image

Manufacturer: Animal Care Group plc


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Oticurant is an innovative ear treatment powder for dogs that will help to eliminate odours, and maintain a clean and healthy ear environment.

Using Oticurant will help to restore balance in the ear canal by binding moisture and wax/lipids which are important nutrients for fungi and bacteria, and needed for their growth. This absorbing effect has also been proven to give dogs cleaner ears.

Oticurant changes the physical conditions of the ear, which will affect the growth of bacteria and fungi without affecting the microorganisms themselves. Therefore, bacteria will not develop resistance to Oticurant.


  • Harmonises the ear environment
  • Lowers pH – Limits ability of pathogens to grow
  • Inhibits bacterial cell adhesion and the inflammatory process
  • Keeps the ears dry
  • Easy to use

Instruction for Use:

  1. Shake down the powder before the sachet is opened
  2. Hold the earflap with one hand and pour the powder into the ear canal
  3. Let go of the ear after administration
  4. Your dog may initially shake their head but this is normal


6-Deoxy-L-galactose, Oligosaccharide, Lactic Acid, Excipients

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