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8 in 1 Dog Ear Cleansing Pads

8 in 1 Dog Ear Cleansing Pads big image

Manufacturer: 8 in 1


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8 in 1 Dog Ear Cleansing Pads are a specially gentle and convenient way to clear dirt and wax build-up from within your dog's sensitive ears.

Regular use of 8 in 1 Dog Ear Cleansing Pads will greatly improve your dog's ear hygiene, keep the skin and coat around them in good condition and prevent inflammation caused by dirt.

90 pads.

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Donna Marsh
August 2013

My two retired greyhounds happily let me clean their ears with these wipes. They do not smell strongly as some products do and they are ideal for a dog who is not happy to have something more 'fluid' put into their ears. I'm very happy with them and use them weekly. The tub seals very well so the contents will not dry out between uses. Very good value for money!