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Ridaworm 20mg Spot-On Wormer for Cats (2 Pack)

Ridaworm 20mg Spot-On Wormer for Cats (2 Pack) big image

Manufacturer: Chanelle Group


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Ridaworm Spot-On for Cats is a topical application for the treatment of tapeworms in cats, and kittens above 1kg in weight.

The solution is effective against mature and immature forms of the Dipylidium caninum and Taenia species.

1 Pipette per 2.5kg bodyweight 

Each 0.5ml Pipette Contains: 
Praziquantel 20mg 

Legal Category: 
AVM-GSL | Ridaworm for Cats

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Angela Baker
August 2021

let me say the only reason this got 4 stars and not 5 stars was because of the length it lasts1 month and how many worms it treated tape only that is the only reason it didnt get 5 stars, i got these because they was on sale and i do have trouble with some cats giving tabs so thought give these ago while on sale, i dont usually use drops but tabs but these was a lot easy to use than tabs, only down side dont do both worms like the tabs and dont last as long, but i must say i had no signs of worms and mine was a bit over due so yea i was glad they did the job, but must say the pipette thing could do with a remodel as sometimes it doesn't snap proper and also hard to get it all out of it at times i found there was still some in it, but other than them things i have to say it worked, i might just have to buy these for the trouble some ones and just stick with tabs for others but they do seem to work good so yea i would buy again and if like me your cat hates taking tabs no matter what you try then these would be ok to use, like i said only down side is last 1 month only and only do tape worms but for price they are ok for getting the job done and leave me without scratches and bites and bits of tabs that have to be thrown away as all ugg, my cats had no adverse reactions to them on their skin with them so that was good as well, and price even after sale is not bad so i would say if looking for an alternative check these out for yourself and see you get 2 in each pack foil sealed they are in the box