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Dronspot Spot-On Worming Solution for Medium Cats

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Manufacturer: Vetoquinol

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Dronspot Spot-On Worming Solution for Medium Cats is an easy to use spot-on to target intestinal worms in a single easy application for cats weighing 2.5 – 5kg.

Roundworms and Tapeworms are the two main types of intestinal worms that affect cats in the UK; the symptoms of which aren’t always easy to spot. Using Dronspot when signs occur or at least every 3 months (depending on pet’s lifestyle), will reduce the likelihood of your cat being affected.

Each 0.70ml pipette contains 15mg emodepside and 60mg praziquantel

No more struggling cats, no more stressed out owners, and above all, no more worms!

Legal Category:
NFA-VPS | Dronspot for Cats

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Danni Poulton
December 2020

This is the best option we've found for worming our fussy cat, it's so easy to use!

Miranda Hall
November 2020

Good quality, easy to apply and great price compared to other brands.

Michelle Freeman
September 2020

Used this on our 6 month old kittens a couple of months ago and while they do seem to have stayed worm free (they weren't showing signs to begin with so I can't comment on how well it kills worms), the product really seemed to aggravate them both and they were doing all they could to lick the spot where I applied it (the usual back of the neck) for the rest of the day. No matter how well I try to apply spot ons just onto their skin, the liquid does spread into the surrounding fur and I was worried as they got to some of it and licked it, although they had no ill effects from it. We also use a spot on flea treatment which they forget about pretty quickly, but something in this product seemed to irritate them. I would rather try tablets (with the help of Easy Pill) than use this again so that's the plan for next time!

Michelle Causer
May 2020

Easy to use. Scratch free for first time after administering worm treatment.

Jill Rowe
April 2020

No fuss and effective product that does not end up with me bitten or scratched :)

Jackie Harewood
October 2019

Brilliant product,just pop it on the back of the neck and your cat is protected for 3 months,much better than the hassle of trying to get a tablet down 👍🏼