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Whimzees Cross Bones Dog Chews

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Manufacturer: Paragon Pet Products

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Whimzees Cross Bones Dog Chews are a 100% natural dog chew made out of compounded vegetable fibres that are free from gluten, sugar and artificial ingredients.

The delicious chew is completely edible and thanks to their unique vegetable based texture, will help to remove plaque and tartar from your pet’s teeth as they chew.

Each highly digestible cross bone chew has minimal fat content and also contains malt extract and yeast that helps to improve metabolism and muscle tone, while promoting strong bones and a healthy, shiny coat.

Potato Starch, Glycerin, Powdered Cellulose, Lecithin, Yeast, Colour Added (Malt Extract, Annatto Extract, Alfalfa Extract)

Please note that the colour may vary between green, brown and tan which cannot be guaranteed when ordering.

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Colin Smith
November 2015

Our elderly Collie will chew these in safety, no gagging.

Shelley Smith
August 2015

Our lab and the neighbours Staffie both enjoy the Whimzees Crossbones and feel they are getting a very special treat when they get these. The Staffie has a delicate tummy and these don't cause any unwanted after effects and these treats give great chew satisfaction. Our vet has approved Whimzees brand treats as they don't seem to have the hidden sugar in them that some better known brands on the market do, so are better for their teeth and tums. The dogs love them, the vet approves them, and they last a good length of time, so I highly recommend these.