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Hollings Filled Bone Dog Treat - Chicken - From £1.39

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Hollings Filled Bone Dog Treat - Chicken

Hollings Filled Bone Dog Treat - Chicken big image

Manufacturer: Hollings



Hollings Filled Bone treats are 100% natural and are suitable as a treat, reward or training aid for your dog.

Always ensure there is plenty of fresh water is available.

Sold per individual bone

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Angela Aston
December 2010

My dogs LOVE these. Even once they're empty, they will cart them about the house for weeks, chomping on the bone until it's worn right down. My only concern is what's in the filling - "natural" they may be, nutritional is quite another matter & I'm suspicious of how good for my dogs the contents actually are. I'd rather pay a bit more & know I was getting a better quality filling.