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Hollings Bulls Pizzle x 5

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Manufacturer: Hollings



Hollings Bulls Pizzle is quality air dried treats that are 100% natural.

Bulls Pizzles are suitable to give as a reward, treat or training aid for your dog.

Always ensure that clean and fresh water is available when feeding.

Analysis: protein 63%, ash 2%, moisture 13%, fat 12%


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Advantage of buying these in packs is that its a lot cheaper than individuals from pet shop, the disadvantage is you can't pick out the nice fat ones. The pack I received contained 5 skinny 'twigs' (NOT VetUK's fault) so won't purchase again.

My dogs loved these, but they didn't last very long. OK as an occasional treat, but too expensive to buy on a regular basis. As a comparison, these would be consumed within an hour or so, whereas rawhide cigar chews would take days.

Not as long lasting as I was hoping but still a good, healthy chew that my dog loves.