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Company of Animals Clix 3 in 1 Slip Lead (Black)

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Manufacturer: Company of Animals

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Company of Animals Clix 3 in 1 Slip Lead is an all in one dog training solution.

The lead can be used as a head collar or slip lead to prevent pulling, or as a fixed collar and lead for general exercise.

Made from the finest polyamide, the lead is extremely durable and weather resistant, and has a stainless steel stop ring and a loop for holding.

Size Guide:
Small: 1.2m
Large: 1.7m

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Jocelyn Peacock

I bought this to try as a training aide for my bull breed mongrel as despite all efforts of recommended methods he still pulled on the lead. As a slip lead I like it; so long as it is fitted at the top of the neck and used correctly it is a great training tool. As a fixed collar and lead, I didn't find it satisfactory; the buckle that fixes the size of the collar twists and turns and in turn the nylon lead twists and turns. It's not that great when used like this in my opinion. I have not tried it as a headcollar so cannot comment on its functionality in that respect (I don't really understand how to put it on as a headcollar to be honest and it did not come with instructions) As a