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Petsafe Anti-Bark Spray Collar for Dogs (Citronella)

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Manufacturer: Petsafe



Petsafe Anti-Bark Spray Collar for Dogs uses a harmless but distracting spray to deter unwanted barking.

The bark control system is safe to use and the light receiver collar is comfortable for dogs of all sizes.

An adjustable collar buckle can be changed to fit your dog securely.

Citronella scented.

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Caroline Vennett-smith

I bought this collar for my young dog as he has proved to be extremely noisy when you try to get him to be on his own. He barks constantly for an hour/two hours and the ignoring technique does certainly not work with him. I was rather hoping this collar would help restore the fragile noise balance but unfortunately it hasn't. The item arrived and I realised that the unit where the battery/spray is held is quite big and bulky. I have fitted the collar and it fits perfectly but unfortunately because the unit is big and heavy everytime the dog moves the unit turns in on itself therefore putting it in the wrong position and does not work. I cannot put the collar on any tighter for fear he'll turn blue! So I am left with an item which does not work (guessing it's his size or neck) and a dog who still barks for england.

Lea Emery

We got this collar for our lovely little rescue dog who had behavioural 'issues' on two fronts (we've had her now for just over six months). She had a habit of chasing and barking after joggers (or anyone whizzing by) at the dog park. And, she suffered from 'separation anxiety' whenever we left the house, yelping and making a lot of noise on our departure and return...clearly very upset and anxious. We tried numerous methods of correction for both problems, nothing worked. We were just about to pay for expensive 1-on-1 coaching when someone suggested trying this collar. It virtually took only 3 wears before both problems stopped...completely. We still bring the collar with us at the park but haven't had to put it on, and at home we are now able to leave the house without her wearing the collar at all...she no longer shows any signs of anxiety about being alone. (Should add that the collar itself never seemed to bother our little dog when she was wearing it.) We hoped for positive results but the success we've had went far beyond our expectations. It's a wonderful training aid that came to our rescue at a point where we had run out of ideas. We've no reservations whatsoever in recommending this collar.