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Aboistop Compact Anti Bark Dog Collar Kit

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Manufacturer: Company of Animals



Aboistop Compact Anti Bark Collar can be used to interrupt any unwanted behaviour associated with barking, e.g. territorial aggression or over-excitement in the car.

The Abiostop collar is triggered automatically by the dog's bark, the collar emits a harmless spray under the chin, surprising and immediately distracting the dog so the barking stops.

The Aboistop anti bark collars are highly effective and is the humane way of controlling excessive barking. The kit contains the anti-bark unit, a cloth collar, and a battery and refill canister.

Compact kit for dogs under 8Kg.

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Sharon Mawhinney

I bought one of the original aboistops about 15 years ago. In those days they only sold one size, the larger one. It worked very well but I was always afraid that it was very heavy for our small terrier. When I saw that the now produced a compact version I decided to buy it. I have been very disappointed. Within 6 weeks it stopped working properly. The reservoir becomes empty very quickly and when you try to refill it the fluid just drips out the bottom. It is as though the reservoir is full of air and won't let the fluid in.