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Rogz Lighthouse Floating Dog Toy

Rogz Lighthouse Floating Dog Toy big image

Manufacturer: Rogz


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The Rogz Lighthouse is a floating Dog Toy by Kruuse.

This rubber, floating and throwing lighthouse is the ultimate toy for dogs who love to play in water.

The lighthouse has been specially designed to float upright in the water and is brightly coloured for easy spotting.

A 20cm long throwing cord is attached to allow maximum fun from an impressive throw.

Length: 24.5cm

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Marjorie Dobbs
November 2011

Lovely purchase. It stayed upright in a flooded river and was highly visible. It has a very friendly shape for a dog to carry, I noticed that compared with other toys I have for her, other dogs also love this one and chase around with it in their mouths. My choc Lab absolutely loves chasing it in the water, the faster flowing the better. Very good quality item. Would highly recommend

Lolie Borgars
October 2011

What a wonderful idea & wonderful toy. It really does stick up & for days on the beach or lakes when the wind whips up, it really is so much more visible to me on land & my dog in the water. So why only 3 stars. Well it’s the quality of materials/rubber. I have a labradoodle who loves to chew. He is never left with his walkies toys to chew on but as he runs out of the water he will have a good chow down. All his Kong toys have lasted years but unfortunately this toy is already looking worse for wear & its only a couple of weeks old. For the price I was expecting much better build/material quality. So I can only recommend to those of you without chewy dogs.