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Chuckit! Ultra Balls (2 Pack) - From £6.49

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Chuckit! Ultra Balls (2 Pack)

Chuckit! Ultra Balls (2 Pack) big image
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Manufacturer: Chuckit! Fetch Games

From: £7.99
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Medium 2.5" (6.5cm)


Small 2" (5cm)

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Chuckit! Ultra Balls are no ordinary balls!

Designed for the most demanding use, these exceptionally durable balls are highly visible, incredibly bouncy, will float in water and will travel seriously long distances when combined with the Chuckit! Ball Launcher (sold separately).

A small hole hidden on the surface of the ball allows air to enter and escape from the ball, so that whenever your dog has a cheeky chew, the ball will inflate and return to its original shape no matter how hard they compress it.

Made from natural rubber, the Chuckit! Ultra Balls will last longer than ordinary tennis balls.

Key Features:

  • Natural & Durable: Made with an extra-thick rubber core
  • High-Visibility: The bright blue and orange is easily visible outdoors
  • Very Bouncy: Encourages dog to leap and jump
  • Floats in Water: Lightweight rubber is highly buoyant
  • Easy to Clean: The smooth rubber surface resists mess and can be easily washed

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Sandy Casey
April 2021

Loves playing with these in the garden with my hubby when he comes home from work 😍

Victoria Compton
August 2019

I bought these for my lab who has so far shredded every tennis ball she's had in seconds, for the price I figured it was worth a try even if she did destroy them, she's now had them for months, loves taking them on walks and will spend hours chewing on them without any signs of wear, I would highly recommend these to anyone with a heavy chewer, these have survived better than her kong toy which we had to replace with the extreme version, so these really are tough.

Sabra Ralph
February 2017

My two year old Labradoodle is a power chewer; standard tennis balls last a few minutes. The Chuck-It balls were a specualtive purchase and I didn't really expect them to last. They are amazing!! My dog adores them, they are her Best Balls, and she regularly brings them for us to play with her either inside or outdoors. They readily re-inflate back to their normal shape which is great as she likes to chew on them; they make a pleasing (for her) squelching noise (a little off-putting if we have visitors!) and have proved indestructible (so far). I'm about to buy quite a few, so we have some "spares", and have been so impressed with them I'm going to try some other Chuck-It products.

Katherine Stevenson
May 2016

I and my dog LOVE these! Previously she would only go for tennis balls which are a nightmare as she's really worn her teeth down. I've tried every make; Kong, The Dogs Balls, Hyperpet, Chuckit tennis balls etc. None lasted and none were soft on her teeth as claimed. It took a bit of me bouncing this one around and not letting her have it to make it prize procession, but now it's as love as tennis balls. It doesn't harm teeth, is so far indestructible and my dog is a heavy chewer, it bounces magnificently and is lightweight. Really relieved and impressed.