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Dorwest Kelp Seaweed Tablets

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Manufacturer: Dorwest Herbs

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Dorwest Herbs Kelp Seaweed Tablets is a herbal medicine to encourage coat growth and pigmentation, as an aid in the treatment of obesity and to relieve rheumatic pain in cats and dogs.

Kelp Seaweed can be used as an aid in the treatment of obesity as it contains Fucus Vesiculosus (a brown seaweed), which contains fucoxanthin, a pigment that has an influence on the glucose metabolism.

Fucus vesiculosis is the species of Kelp in our tablets as it has the highest content of minerals and trace elements and is therefore an essential addition to the diet to ensure all minerals are being provided.

The tablets are sugar coated for easy administration and can be given directly into the mouth or added to the daily feed.

Can be given from 8 weeks of age.

1 tablet per 5kg bodyweight daily

Cats and dogs that are prone to skin problems associated with overheating should be given Kelp sparingly during hot weather. Also due to its high iodine content it is not recommended for animals below 5kgs in bodyweight or those with a thyroid condition, except on veterinary advice.


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