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Dorwest Arnica 15C 100 Pillules

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Manufacturer: Dorwest Herbs



Dorwest Arnica 15C is an essential item for the first aid kit.

Extremely useful to counteract the distress and agitation that naturally follows any fearful occurrence or fright.

This remedy has been compiled in consultation with homoeopathic veterinary advisor's to ensure that the remedies offered are safe for you to give to your animals.

Arnica administration is always the same for any size or breed of animal but the frequency of administration varies according to the condition being treated: 1 every hour or every 30 mins depending on requirement for up to 6 hours.

Then reduce to 1 four times a day until improvement is observed It is preferable, but not essential, to avoid giving homeopathic remedies within 15 minutes of food or drink.


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