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VetIQ Healthy Bites Hairball Remedy Treats For Cats 65g

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Manufacturer: Mark and Chappell

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VetIQ Healthy Bites Hairball Remedy Treats For Cats are nutritional, tasty snack with a creamy tasty filling that contains active ingredients to help prevent and remove hairballs in cats and kittens.

These tasty, easy to feed treats contain the same active ingredients as traditional hairball pastes.

As cats and kittens groom themselves, they pull loose hair from their coats, which is swallowed and accumulates in their stomach.

This accumulation forms what is know as a hairball. Signs of hairball are constipation, gagging, coughing and vomiting.

Approx 70 treats per bag: give 2-3 treats daily if you suspect furball problems, or can be given as a treat anyway !


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J. Healey

My cats all love these treats, so I'd recommend them as part of a palatable fur-ball maintenance regieme. I find that giving 3 treats every few days seems to keep fur-balls at bay. However, if they already have a fur-ball problem (coughing & regurgitating) then I have found that some laxative paste is needed in order to get rid of the blockage. I've given this product 4 stars because although it's great for preventing fur-balls, I'd say it's not the best product to use if fur-balls are already an issue.

Fiona Donaldson

My cat loved these treats and I have not noticed any furballs being coughed up. She grooms a lot so anything to help her. I will buy these again.

J H Barclay

I noticed these as I also use the M&C Catberry treats, so I thought I would try these for by female cat. She loves them and I do think they help her with passing furballs. She grooms a lot and seems less troubled with furballs since having 3-4 of these a day.