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Viacutan Plus Capsules 550mg EFA - From £13.49
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Viacutan Plus Capsules 550mg EFA

Viacutan Plus Capsules 550mg EFA big image

Manufacturer: Boehringer Ingelheim

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Viacutan Plus capsules are an essential fatty acid feed supplement with natural antioxidants for dogs and cats.

Viacutan Plus will improves the condition of the coat and skin of your pet as well as reducing problems such as dry skin, dry coat, hair loss, itching and scratching.

Viacutan has the highest content of EFA of the veterinary supplements with an optimal balance of w6 and w3 essential fatty acids.

Essential fatty acids are nutrients which cannot be made in the body and have to be provided in the diet; they are essential for the formation of new cells and to keep the skin in good condition.

Viacutin Capsule administration: 1-2 capsules per 10kg bodyweight once daily.

Give for a minimum of 1 month.

Ingredients per 550mg tablet: Vegetable oil (borage oil), gelatine, fish oil, turmeric extract 3000 ppm, green tea extract 1500ppm and additives - (glycerol, natural vitamin E, colourants E102, E171, E172)

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Amanda Hawkins
March 2016

No problems giving to our dog who had a skin irritation from fleas, can therefore recommend these.

Rosemary Gosling
May 2012

I give one of my cat's Bertie one of these capsules every couple of days as he suffers from bald patches,dry skin and dull coat in the Spring and Summer.It really makes a big difference and his black fur grows back beautifully glossy.It is much cheaper and easier buying it from VetUK than from the vet

Karina Cull
May 2012

I use these daily on my spinone who has skin irritations. On a day by day basis, I don't really notice a lot of difference but then if I have forgotten to re-order in enough time and he has a few days without them, I certainly notice the difference then as he is stopping for a furious scratch every few mins and goes from being his usual chilled out self to being really stressed. It's at this point when you realise how well they help him when he is taking them.

Patricia Gladdish
January 2011

My Jack Russell / Wire Haired terrier cross suffers from skin irritation, particularly after she has been bathed - I have yet to find the shampoo which does not cause sores & irritation - but these capsules certainly seem to help her and her coat has much improved since using them.

Barbara Morris
April 2007

my goldie has suffered from bad skin problems and this seems to do the trick. Buying through this site is much much cheaper than through the vets and delivery and order is quick and efficient. I give him 3 tablets a day and have been told he acts so much younger - have recommended to several others with older dogs as also seems to help his joints.