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Dorwest Evening Primrose Oil Capsules

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Manufacturer: Dorwest Herbs

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Dorwest Evening Primrose Oil Capsules contain premium grade oil with a high GLA content of 10% and have added vitamin E to keep the skin and coat in optimum condition.

The high levels of essential fatty acids make it excellent for maintaining healthy skin, reducing scruffiness, promoting coat growth and alleviating dry skin.

Evening Primrose Oil is also renowned for its stabilising effect on hormone imbalances. Give daily on a maintenance dose in the feed. Can be given from 8 weeks of age.

Precaution: Veterinary advice should be sought before giving Evening Primrose Oil to animals suffering from epilepsy.

1 capsule per 10kg bodyweight daily

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Rachel Carver

Used with great success alongside Wheatgerm Oil to regrow my Pointers coat after a nasty injury. As an added bonus they gave his coat a beautiful shine!

Terry Byrne

A great product. My dog used to suffer from dry skin and when her fur got a bit long she would get very itchy. It came to a head when she nibbled a patch raw. The vet diagnosed dermatitis and suggested we think about treating it with prescription medication. I try to avoid prescribed stuff as I've found that most ailments, either doggy or human, can be dealt with by using common sense and natural remedies. I reviewed her diet, as dermatitis is an allergic reaction in both animals and humans, and also started giving her these capsules. She's perfectly fine now - you can feel the slight oiliness in her fur now and she doesn't get itchy at all. Highly recommended.