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Canikur Anti Diarrhoeal Tablets for Dogs

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Manufacturer: Boehringer Ingelheim

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Canikur Anti Diarrhoeal Tablets are a palatable and effective treatment for the maintenance and support of digestive functions in dogs, which may help with digestive upset (diarrhoea).

The tablets can also be used as a bulking agent to help chronic analgland problems.

If the dog's condition does not improve after 2 days or if the dog's demeanour deteriorates at any time, contact your veterinary surgeon.

1 tablet per 5-7 Kg bodyweight

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Phil Halstead
October 2013

Quite simple to write this review. These tablets work! My four month old Springer was having trouble with her tummy for a couple of days, so I thought I'd give these a go. I starved her for 24 hours after beginning treatment with the tablets, then gave her small amounts of food until she was back to normal. Within 2 days of starting the treatment, she was fine. And, she went wild for these tablets. No need to force feed her, as she loves them! What more can I say? I'm ordering some more, just so I have some in my cupboard for if I need them again.

Suzanne Ward
June 2012

Following on from my last review, my Sprocker puppy is now 2. Both she and my 5 year old Springer had very poorly tummies this week. The younger dog had it first and then we were greeted by a huge smelly cow pat on our cream carpet from the older dog. Fortunately I always keep Canikur in stock and after 2 days on the tablets and the egg/rice diet both dogs completely recovered, thus saving me nearly £100 with consultations and tablets at the vet. Everyone should keep a packet ready for such an occasion!

Louise Steele
May 2012

Just checked price on other site these are almost £20 cheaper,I swear by the pills for my labradors who eat anything they shouldnt,saves me a fortune in vets fees.

Cristina Knupfer
May 2012

These are great! We bought them for one of our dogs, which has a sensitive tummy and suffers from diarrhoea from time to time, and these sorted him out completely in a couple of days. Will place a second order to keep them handy!!

Karina Cull
May 2012

I have had cause on multiple occasions to use these tablets on my 3. So much easier than trying to make them eat the paste which is always a battle resulting in me being covered in more than the amount actually in their mouths. The tablets are highly palatable and be handed to them to eat directly without having to hide in meat which means I can then fool the dogs into thinking they are having a treat and not a tablet! They work well too, helping to get the stools formed again.

Duncan Grainger
February 2011

Third order made on these tablets. They work brilliantly on my young labrador who came to me as a rescue. He suffered from a runny tummy almost since day one. These have sorted him completely. Excellent product.