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Copro-Nil Behaviour Aid for Coprophagia 400g

Copro-Nil Behaviour Aid for Coprophagia 400g big image

Manufacturer: TVM UK Animal Health



Copro-Nil Behaviour Aid is a harmless supplement that can be added to your pet’s regular food to help prevent Coprophagia (the eating of faeces by an animal).

Designed carefully so that it doesn’t affect the taste of your pet’s food, Copro-Nil is a granular solution that will change the effects of the digestive system to cause the faeces to become extremely unpleasant in flavour.

Copro-Nil will help to change your animal’s behaviour towards Coprophagia, and also help them have a much healthier digestive system to help stop the problem.

Dosage and Administration:
Dogs: 1 level teaspoon per day for every 10kg divided between meals for 10-14 days. Max of 4 teaspoons per day
Cats: ½ level teaspoon per day divided between meals for 5 – 7 days
Horses: 3 level teaspoons morning and night for 2 – 3 days
Very Small Dogs and Puppies: Consult your vet for advice

Copro-Nil must be fed with every meal.

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