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Nutribound Oral Solution for Cats and Dogs 150ml (Pack of 3)

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Manufacturer: Virbac

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Nutribound Oral Solution for Cats and Dogs is a highly palatable, liquid feed that has been developed to help pets bounce back after illness or periods of inappetence.

The solution contains a selection of well-known ingredients recognised to aid recovery and can be given to animals that require an extra boost of encouragement to eat or drink.

Whether it’s due to illness or because of a general lack of interest, Nutribound can be used as an appetite stimulant as well as encouraging optimal functioning of the immune system which is crucial after surgery.

Main Benefits:

  • Liquid Form – Easy to use for tube or syringe feeding. No need to dilute.
  • Highly Palatable – Stimulates water and feed intake.
  • Selective Formula – Rich in essential nutrients, Omega 3 and 6, prebiotics and vitamins.

Nutribound can be given for up to 14 days or until a return to normal eating and drinking behaviour. 

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Fran Hill

It worked to increase her appetite for the first few days and then my elderly cat went off it. Now it doesn't make any difference to whether she eats, or not.