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Flexi Vario Retractable 8m Cord Lead (Medium)

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Manufacturer: Flexi

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Flexi Vario Retractable 8m Cord Lead - Medium.

Designed in the style of the Flexi New Classic, the Vario lead has a comfortable, ergonomically designed handle and also features a range of unique user-friendly features and accessories.

The handle of the Vario Medium lead can also be adjusted using a simple turn screw to customise it comfortably for any size hand.

The sophisticated lightweight lead also features a comfortable short-stroke braking button as part of the built-in quick response braking system, ensuring the highest standard of safety and comfort on your daily walks.

The lead has been designed to extend up to a distance of 8m (26ft), allowing your dog more freedom, whilst allowing you full control and the ability to retract your pet as needed.

Furthermore, the lead can now be used with new and exciting accessories:
Flexi Vario LED Lighting System
Flexi Vario Multi Box
Flexi Soft Stop Belt
Flexi LED Flash Belt

Suitable for dogs weighing up to 20kg.

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Myrene Duerto-kivelä

Got this for my dachshund/jack russel mix (she is going to be about 7 Kg, so I could have gone for the small dogs, but I was not sure at the time). I bought this leash due to the accessories and the length. I had 5 mts and it was too short (came with the puppy), so I decided to upgrade the whole way and I don't regret a thing! I had no problem with the delivery (and I live in Finland). the product won me over and I am now recommend it to everyone. the felxi as such has no mayor difference, but the accessories: I have the box for the bags, the led light leash, the flexible cord (waiting for summer to try it) and the lamp and is so comfortable. Also there is a huge difference between my husbands' hand and mine, and with the adjustable handle it makes it so easy to grab. Takes this as an investment (I don't think you will have to buy more than 1 leash on your dogs life) so make it count!