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JW Gripsoft Soft Pin Slicker Brush for Dogs - From £6.49

Standard UK Delivery from £2.99

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JW Gripsoft Soft Pin Slicker Brush for Dogs

JW Gripsoft Soft Pin Slicker Brush for Dogs big image

Manufacturer: JW Pet Company



JW Gripsoft Slicker Soft Pin Brush for Dogs features a 'trigger' shaped handle made from soft rubber for maximum comfort and control

Regular grooming is essential in helping keep pets healthy and happy.

Regular brushing helps distribute the natural oils in the pets coat, promoting coat health and keeping it looking at its best. Brushing also removes excess hair.

  • Designed for dogs with sensitive skin
  • Rounded head and slightly angled pins mounted on an air cushion which helps remove any excess
  • Ideal for regular brushing
  • Suitable for use on all coat types
  • Removes dead hair and shedding hair that knots

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