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Eukanuba Daily Care Adult Dog Overweight Sterilized 12.5kg

Eukanuba Daily Care Adult Dog Overweight Sterilized 12.5kg big image

Manufacturer: Eukanuba

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Eukanuba Daily Care Adult Dog Overweight Sterilized.

Being at the right weight is a crucial factor for a dogs health and well-being, and yet the number of overweight dogs is on the rise. Being overweight increases the risk of illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and joint problems.

Nutrition plays a key role in weight management. This is why Eukanuba has developed Eukanuba Overweight to help adult dogs achieve a lean body and enjoy a pleasant and active interaction with their owners.

Dogs are prone to gain weight after sterilization as hormone levels change. Follow our feeding guidelines to first help your dog lose weight. Then keep exercising your dog and feeding them Daily Care for Overweight, Sterilized Dogs as his daily diet to maintain optimal weight.

Daily Care Overweight Sterilized Dogs is a complete and balanced everyday diet for sterilized dogs prone to gaining weight. It includes:

  • Low Calories.
  • L-Carnitine (a natural fat burner).
  • Optimal levels of natural fibre.

There are no artificial flavourings, preservatives, colourants or fillers added into this diet.

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