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Zylkene Tablets

Zylkene is a natural product proven to help cats and dogs manage stress and adapt to change. Common situations and events can be very stressful to many pets who find change difficult to cope with. Zylkene is available in three sizes all in boxes of 100 tablets. Zylkene 75mg Tablets for cats and small dogs, Zylkene 225mg Tablets for medium sized dogs and Zylkene 450mg Tablets for large dogs.

Zylkene 75mg

Zylkene 75mg

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Zylkene 75mg Natural Pet De-stressing Capsules help to manage stress in small dogs and cats. Dogs and cats obviously cannot tell us how they are coping, but they can alter their behaviour....[More info]

Zylkene 225mg

Zylkene 225mg

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Zylkene 225mg Natural Pet De-stressing Capsules is a novel product which helps manage stress in dogs. Dogs obviously cannot tell us how they are coping with stress, but they can alter their...[More info]

Zylkene 450mg

Zylkene 450mg

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Zylkene 450mg capsules are a novel product, which helps manage stress in dogs. Dogs cannot tell us how they are coping, but they can alter their behaviour. There are many different ways...[More info]


All pets including dogs can suffer from stress. It is often difficult for an owner to recognise that their pet is stressed, it may adopt a low posture and look agitated and more excitable than normal. However, sometimes the signs are more subtle and tricky to spot. Your dog may be reluctant to go to certain places, toilet training may breakdown - perhaps going indoors, it may start grooming excessively or vocalise. Zylkene can help with these periods of stress either on a shorted term basis or longer term as required.

Whilst using Zylkene tablets always look for the cause of your pets stress. Easier causes to spot may be moving house, the addition of new members of the household, such as a baby or a new pet, sudden, loud noises such as thunder or fireworks or the use of a boarding kennel or travel. Every pet is unique and some are more robust than others, if your dog or cat begins displaying signs of stress consult your vet or behaviourist and start using Zylkene tablets.

Zylkene is not a traditional drug, consider it as a supplement made from a protein found in milk. The active ingredient is a protein peptide which binds temporarily to certain receptors in the brain causing a calming influence to your pet. It has undergone much research and has been shown to be effective in both dogs and cats. 450mg Tablets should be used for dogs between 20Kg and 40Kg, if you dog is over 40kg use twice the dose i.e 2 tablets daily, 225mg Tablets should be used for dogs between 10Kg and 20Kg giving one daily whilst 75mg Tablets can be used for cats or small dogs weighing under 10Kg. Zylkene tablets are actually sprinkle capsules, to give to your pet open the capsule and sprinkled on the food daily.

Zylkene has a taste which is ready accepted by most pets with no fuss, may be give for shorter periods of time to cover a particular event or can be given longer term if required. If behavioural problems persist then a consultation with your vet or a pet behaviourist is recommended.