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Zylkene Chews for Cats and Dogs - From £7.19

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Zylkene Chews for Cats and Dogs

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Manufacturer: Vetoquinol

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14 x 75mg

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14 x 225mg

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14 x 450mg

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Zylkene Chews are delicious treats that help pets cope with stressful situations and help prevent any unwanted behaviour caused.

Containing a natural ingredient derived from a protein in milk, Zylkene promotes and enhances relaxed behaviour in pets helping them to cope when facing unusual and unpredictable situations.

Learning new behaviours is easier in a relaxed and calm animal.

The chews can be administered orally as a single dose.
Short Term Use: Use for 1-2 days before the predicted event or change in environment. Some animals may benefit from an even earlier administration. (5-7 days).
Longer Term Use: 1-2 months.

Size Guide:
  75mg: For cats and dogs under 10kg
225mg: For dogs 10-30kg
450mg: For dogs 15-60kg

Zylkene® contains alpha-S1 tryptic casein, commonly known as Alpha-Casozepine, an ingredient derived from milk protein that has calming properties.

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Claire Grover
December 2019

Give my dog one of these in the car when heading to vet visits etc. She loves them and seem to help.

Jeanne Ritson
March 2019

This product is meant to be a chew they’re about as chewy as a lump of coal. I could have bought a 4kg bag of go-cat for the price charged for all the good they did. Don’t buy.