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VetUK ProTreat Stress and Anxiety Dog Chews

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Manufacturer: VetUK

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VetUK ProTreat Stress and Anxiety Dog Chews from VetUK is a supplement made from a blend of nutritional ingredients that have been put together to induce calmness in dogs.

Given a delicious liver flavour, the palatable chews are perfect for dogs who are exhibiting signs of nervousness, over activity, discontentment or stress.

Suitable for:

üFireworks üLightning/Thunderstorms
üBad Behaviour üSeparation Anxiety
üMoving Home


Pet Weight Administration
Up to 7kg 1 chew daily
7 - 21kg 2 chews daily
Over 21kg 3 chews daily

Calcium Propionate, Canola Oil, Caramel, Cheese Powder, Chicken Protein Digest, Corn, Glycerin, Natural & Artificial Flavours, Pork Liver Powder, Rice Bran, Sorbic Acid, Sorbitol Starch, Tocopherols (mixed), Water

Active Ingredients per Chew:
L-Tryptophan 35mg, Chamomile 20mg, Ginger Root 3mg

Typical Analysis:
Fat 16.43%, Protein 12.23%, Fibre 5.5%, Ash 3.45%

For animal use only.

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John Rood

Delivered very quickly. They calmed our Norfolk Terrier down well this time but we shall have to see next Nov 5th

Susan Small

My Border Collie rescue, Scrappy, has slept through the past two years of fireworks and we live within a five minute walk of a local organised display site! I've spent a fortune on various products and this is the only one that has worked. For me, these little treats are worth every single penny...thank you VetUK xx

Sue Shearer

I have tried various calming treatments for my two Springers. One is petrified of bangs and all loud noises, the other is hyper. These have worked perfectly on both dogs so I am just reordering.

Teresa Godwin

These are not really chews, a small roll just a bit bigger than a stock cube and about the same consistency. My small dog loved it and wolfed it down in a minute. Can't tell whether it has produced any sort of calming and I would need proof before I re order as it seems expensive if just a treat.

Michael Amos

I have a rescue Border Collie we think she is about 5 years old I have had her for 3 years, she came from Blue Cross and they thought she had been beaten if you put your hand towards her she would cower down. In the house she would just hide in the bedroom all the time it took over a year for her to feel safe with us and now she is much more confident but I still have a problem with her with loud noises. I think I have tried every product on the market but nothing helped then I found Protreat she has been on them for the last three weeks and I can't believe the difference they have made, she is so much calmer and relaxed I will definitely be keeping her on these. If you have a nervous dog give them a try you will be amazed.

Bruce Jaynes

It is nice to find a product that works really well, and more importatly, that my dog will actually eat. He gets really stressed out by fireworks and thunder and in the past we have tried various pills that we have had to try and hide in bits of cheese or meat. This was never successful as my dog can eat the treat and spit the pill out!! I am now on my second tub of Pro Treat anxiety pills and can't praise them enough.