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Beaphar RabbitComfort 30 Day Refill 48ml - From £10.00

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Beaphar RabbitComfort 30 Day Refill 48ml

Beaphar RabbitComfort 30 Day Refill 48ml big image

Manufacturer: Beaphar



The Beaphar RabbitComfort 30 Day Refill is for use with the Beaphar RabbitComfort Calming Diffuser (sold separately), to help reduce unwanted behaviour and reassure rabbits.

A natural prey animal, rabbits are highly sensitive to sudden movement, noises and change, but are incredibly good at hiding their fear or nervousness. Using a Beaphar RabbitComfort Diffuser produces a synthetic copy of the Rabbit Appeasing Pheromone that mimics the intense effect of the calming message produced by the mother rabbit during nursing.

Key Benefits:

  • Refill for Beaphar RabbitComfort Diffuser
  • Promotes feelings of reassurance and safety
  • Helps reduce problem behaviours in rabbits
  • Calms without sedation
  • Lasts 30 days with continual use

1 x 48ml Refill (30 Days)

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