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Good Boy Clean Green Dog Loo

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Manufacturer: Armitage Pet Care


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Good Boy Clean Green Dog Loo is a natural and safe way to dispose of dog waste in your garden.

It is ideal to use all year round and helps to eliminate odours and repel flies while decomposing the waste safely into the ground.

Simply select a suitable site in your garden and dig a 60cm/24" hole in diameter by 70cm/27" deep. Fill the bottom of the hole with stones and/or broken bricks which will act as an excellent drainage system.

Use the included scoop to dispose of any dog waste and place the lid on the unit for additional safety.

Good Boy Clean Green Dog Loo is suitable for small and large dogs and has been approved by councils and pet and garden experts.

1 pack contains:

1 x Scoop
1 x Waste unit
5 x 10ml Bioactivator Capsules


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