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Drinkwell Big Dog Water Fountain

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Manufacturer: Drinkwell

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Drinkwell Water Fountain for Dogs "Big Dog Fountain" is a larger system with the same benefits of the Drinkwell cat fountain.

Comes complete with the larger reservoir for larger dogs or multi pet households.

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Lindsey Kadzevski

I really needed a water bowl that lasts more than 2 minutes for my 2 dogs. I saw these and decided to give it ago, and I'm really impressed the very large water storage area and bottle mean I don't need to jump up every 1/2 hour it's grat for both my dogs a Golden retriever and cocker. The Goldie drinks from the falling water and Cocker from the bowl It's just great.

Janice Simmonds

I bought this product for my rottweiler pup 4 years ago and its till going strong!! Its well worth the money I've had it 4 years so far and its in use ALL day EVERY day, we turn it on in the morning and off when we go to bed. Some people have said it makes a noise but I placed it onto a door mat which toned down the noise it now only dog AND cats drink out of the bowl, its is a bit of a lump to clean but once a week does it. I can recommend this drinking fountain as it filters the water so your pet only gets clean water, especially useful in the summer when we put ice cubes in the bottle!! RECOMMENDED 100% :)

Charles Rayner

Brilliant! My two dogs and three cats all drink from this now. I'd recommend this to anyone. Tip: Buy the cleaning brushes and filters too, they're well worth the little extra.

Margaret Freer

I was having problems with my giant Schnauzers drinking water from a bowl as they prferred running water. Since I got the fountain the now drink at will rather than pestering me to turn on a tap. I can now leave them with no worries about them becoming dehydrated.

John Mcculloch

An amazing bit of kit for the dogs & cats in my household.