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Halti Headcollar Black Padded

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Manufacturer: Company of Animals

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Halti Headcollar Black Padded has all the great benefits of the other colours but with extra padding, particularly suitable for dogs with sensitive noses.

The worlds favourite dog collar. Combines maximum steering efficiency with great doggy comfort.

Practical, safe muzzling action can be used passively to stop dogs pulling or as an active training aid, combined with rewards.

A comprehansive booklet 'dog training the halti way' and Halti link are included free with every halti headcollar pack.

Size Guide:

Size Typical Breed
0 Mini Dachshund, Toy Poodle, Yorkie
1 Border Terrier, Jack Russell, Westie
2 Border Collie, Cockers, Staffie
3 Dobermann, G.S.D, Labrador
4 Great Dane, Ridgeback, Rottweiler

N.B: Sizing can vary within breeds, bitches and young dogs may require a smaller size.

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Margaret Kee
October 2016

5/5 although our German Shepherd is well behaved, she is big and strong and if it wasn't for the Halti I couldn't walk her myself as I have complete control of her. Have used Halti since I discovered this product when she was a few months old. Very competetive price and fast delivery from vetuk

Gary Sharman
November 2013

Got this for my 2 year old rescue springer spaniel. Put it on him to walk to the post box (6 mins) and it worked as in he didn't pull as bad, but he still pulled slightly and by the time we got home he hsd a sore on his face where the halti had rubbed. So won't be using it again and wouldn't recommend purely on the basis that it has made my dogs face sore.

Rosy Dillon
July 2012

Very competitive price, this product normally retails at over £10. Bought the size 2 for my lurcher, who is now a pleasure to walk, he can be a bit bonkers and sensitive so I wasn't sure how he would take to it, but he became used to it very quickly and now his attention is definitely more on me when we are walking. It is so much safer walking a dog in one of these, and more enjoyable as there are no 'battles' :) it's being used every day and has not aged at all so far

Catherine Sage
July 2012

This is the best thing I have ever bought for my dogs, after being dragged down the street by my hyperactive 4 year old Border Collie for years, 5 mins with the Halti Headcollar on (size 2) just walking around the house and to say he was perfect is an understatement - the transformation is unbelievable, and also tried the size 1 on my miniature poodle and he didnt seem that fussed with it, so for the first time in years I'm looking forward to going out for a walk later - highly recommended thank you!! :)

Joanna Sutcliffe
June 2012

I would not walk my dog without one. Great product makes walks much more enjoyable as my dog will not pull while he is wearing the collar and can cause no harm to him. I would recommend any one to try this product rather than resorting to other methods which are not kind. Follow the instructions in the packet. Size guide useful.