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Mikki Walkrite Harness for Dogs

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Manufacturer: Interpet

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Mikki Walkrite Harness for Dogs offers a great solution to that age old problem many dog owners face when taking their pet for a walk - pulling!

This brilliant product can be used as both a collar and a harness, teaching your dog to 'walk right', rather than pulling in front. It does this in a way that is kind to you dog and works with their natural movements rather than using excessive force.

This clever design is based around the collar which has been modified with the two rings which sit at the top of your dog's chest. 'Stop Lines' can then be added to the collar, which sit under your dog's chest thus converting the collar into a training harness.

The reflective features of this product make it great for using during times when there is less light, for example evenings and early mornings!

Neck measurement:  20-30cm/8-12 inch

Neck measurement:  30-42cm/12-16 inch


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