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Torus 1 Litre Water Bowl (Red)

Torus 1 Litre Water Bowl (Red) big image
Torus 1 Litre Water Bowl (Red) thumbnail Torus 1 Litre Water Bowl (Red) thumbnail Torus 1 Litre Water Bowl (Red) thumbnail Torus 1 Litre Water Bowl (Red) thumbnail

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Manufacturer: Dog Rocks

Was: £28.64Save: 33%Now: £19.19


The Torus Water Bowl is a watering system and portable storage bowl made from food grade materials, that doesn’t require batteries or a power supply.

It can hold up to 2 litres of water inside its internal reservoir, which it distributes automatically to ensure the level of the water remains constant as your pet drinks. This is kept high enough for your pet to drink comfortably, but low enough to avoid unnecessary splashing and mess.

Benefits of Torus:

  • 1L & 2L stored water capacity
  • Auto refills without batteries
  • Filters water as it dispenses
  • Lock function for portability
  • Monthly replacement filters
  • Less refilling and less spills/mess
  • Easy Cleaning

The bowl uses a single activate carbon filter to remove any impurities from the water, ensuring your pet has fresh clean water at all times. These filters last approximately one month each and replacement filters are available.

Designed with a valve that can be sealed to secure the stored water inside the walls, the Torus Bowl has been designed as a ‘go-anywhere’ bowl that can be taken everywhere without risk of spills or leaks.


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