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Snugglesafe GobbleStopper - From £1.79

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Snugglesafe GobbleStopper

Snugglesafe GobbleStopper big image

Manufacturer: Snugglesafe



Snugglesafe GobbleStopper is an innovative accessory that helps to slow eating speed.

Placed over your dog's wet or dry food, the GobbleStopper will reduce the amount of food your dog can get to at once and will help to reduce belching and bloat associated with dogs that eat quickly.

Made out of a durable plastic, the GobbleStopper can also control drinking speed if placed in the animal's water bowl.

The Snugglesafe GobbleStopper can be used with any bowl with a minimum internal diameter of 18.5cm.

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Paul Wallwork
March 2014

ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT product slowed my dogs eating down right from the start(I've tried other slow feed bowls but wasn't impressed with them,also tried balls in dish but that didn't work either). No more trying to throw food back up with the gobblestopper. It has also slowed their drinking so no more water all over the floor.