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Buster Incredibowl Dog Food Bowl 1 Litre

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Manufacturer: Kruuse

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The Buster Incredibowl Dog Food Bowl is an ideal solution for all long-eared dogs!

The Incredibowl has a unique design and shape that leaves the ears on the outside of the bowl thus reducing the opportunity to become covered in wet food.

The great design of the Incredibowl makes sure your dog has to reach in all corners to retrieve the food, therefore slowing down the time taken to eat.

Made from Thermo Plastic Elastimer.

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Linda Verkasalo

This product looks very nice and I have used it for about one year for both food and water. Unfortunately the water bowl has now started to get fungus on the inside and I need to buy new bowls for my dog because I want the water and food bowls to match. I wash the water bowl every morning, but I guess there's no avoiding the fungus because there is constantly water in the bowl. One other thing I was a bit disappointed with is that the bowl skids round the floor when my dog is eating although I thought it would stay in place as it's rubber.