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Pet Life VetBed Original White

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Manufacturer: PetLife

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Pet Life VetBed® Original has been on the market now for over 20 years, and is still the UK's market leading veterinary pet bedding.

With it's green backing, the VetBed® name on the back or on the ironed on washing instructions label you know you have one of the most versatile vet bed bedding products in the world.

It is very long lasting – customers tell us VetBed® lasts and lasts.

It is machine washable, Double woven - making it harder to chew), portable, hygienic – non irritant and non-allergic.

It also drains and dries fast to help keep your pets warm and dry even if accidents happen.

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Fran Hill

Brilliant. Easy to machine wash on the hottest temperature if necessary. Easy to dry too. It has kept its whiteness, which I didn't think it would. We bought this to put in our dog's crate when he was a puppy, but have since found multiple uses for it. We put Vet Bed on the shady patio when it's hot, so the dogs can sit outside, without having to lie on the hard slabs. We took a piece of Vet Bed to puppy training classes, so we could teach our pup the 'settle'. Vet Bed is great for sighthounds and lurchers that like to keep warm, but because of their physique, don't like to lie on hard surfaces.