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Danish Design Hunter Tweed Snuggle Bed

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Manufacturer: Danish Design

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Danish Design Hunter Tweed Snuggle Bed contains a mix of tweed and faux suede fabric textures that really give off a traditional country feel.

Designed to be a hard wearing bed that also offers a comfortable touch, the bed has deep filled fibre shoulders and a drop down at the front for easy access.

The Hunter Tweed Snuggle Bed also has a non-slip base to offer a secure structure and is fully washable, with a removable cushion for added ease.

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Sandy Crosby

Have to agree with Andrew Trumper I"m afraid, and only wish I'd seen his review before I ordered! Just arrived, and although it looked lovely at first the base is a loose cushion which the dog immediatiely removed (natural as loose) only to reveal a thin mesh base (thinner than net curtains) that he will no doubt break in days :( also don't be fooled by 'completely washable' - the label says it's hand wash only. All my others have been machine washable - a must for a dog bed!!

Peter Milham

Have bought another of these, as they are very suitable for our elderly arthritic 3 legged cat. Edges are high enough to keep our cat out of the draughts, but low enough to allow him to get in and out easily. Fabric is soft and durable enough in normal use.

Andrew Trumper

Don't be fooled by the design of this bed. After less than one day of use, my Labrador had completely removed the pathetically flimsy base layer of this bed - all I have now is a cushion and a 'cushion surround'. I cannot believe this was designed and manufactured with such a stupidly thin and very low quality base - this was supposed to be a dog bed, not a bed for a toothless sloth. I completely regret buying this as I compare with my dog's earlier beds when he was a puppy and he never once was able to chew through those. Waste of money.