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Chuckit! Heliflight (Large)

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Manufacturer: Chuckit! Fetch Games


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The Chuckit! Heliflight is a Frisbee like dog toy that will fly high in the sky, ideal for dogs who love to run and catch their toy. Designed to rocket upwards, the Heliflight will still cover a good distance while soaring up in the air.

The Heliflight is highly visible and buoyant, perfect for games in water or on land. You dog will easily be able to track it as it flies or lands and it has raised edges to make it easy for you and your dog to pick up.

Made of a durable rubber covered by a rugged canvas top, the Heliflight is designed to endure lots of rough play without it having an effect on your dog’s mouth.

Size Guide:
     Small - 18cm
     Large - 23cm


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Calum Lind

This is a great frisbee-type toy, at reasonable price. It's very lightweight so easy to carry and it can be thrown relatively long distances while maintaining a good height. I got the Large size for my Border Collie and he absolutely loves it! It's his current 'top pick' for a walk and with the fabric and soft foam corners he never worries about catching it. The only downsides to it would be that it's flight can be a little unpredictable especially in high winds and the underside fabric stitching durability is a concern. I certainly don't leave it for him to chew to on or play tug-of-war with.