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Good Girl Catnip Drops 50g

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Manufacturer: Armitage Pet Care



GoodGirl Catnip Drops are a specially formulated treat for cats.

These tasty Good Girl treats have been flavoured with real catnip to make these mouth watering treats irresistible.

Oils, fats, milk, milk derivatives, minerals, cereals, various sugars and derivatives of vegetable origin.

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Ms B Maki

These inexpensive cat treats looked tasty & fun but my three cats would not even touch a single one - left them in their bowls uneaten!! I won't buy them again but am giving two stars because at least they weren't pricey.

William Markham

My cats have been crazy about these for years, I just bought eight new packets but my cats sniffed the and walked away. I think they must have changed them in some way,money wasted !

Roman Winter

My most gluttonous cat made the "poop-covering" gesture after smelling this treat, normally she eats anything! My other cat was interested by the smell of it, but decided to use it as a toy rather than food.