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FroliCat BOLT

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Manufacturer: FroliCat



FroliCat BOLT is an interactive laser toy that will entertain you and your cat for hours on end.

Hold BOLT in your hand or place it on a flat surface and watch as your cat's natural hunting instincts are revealed. Your cat will pounce, chase and bat at the exciting random laser patterns created.

An adjustable mirror allows for the laser to be aimed across a variety of surfaces and an automatic timer switches the toy off after 15mins.

4 x AA Batteries Required (not included)

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Shelley Smith
August 2015

We have a very picky grey tortoiseshell cat and finding something that she loves to play with is difficult. Bought this 8 months ago as a Christmas pressie, and Apachee LOVED it! In fact, she still loves it and plays with it daily still. She gets so excited when she hears it come on and if we don't put it on, she will go over and knock it over to let us know she's ready to play. We get as much enjoyment watching her hunting actions as she gets playing with it. It keeps her alert and lasts long enough to tire her out as she focuses everything on that little red moving dot. Funniest thing for us is her hunting and then the light comes right at her and across her paws, the look on her face as she scrambles back to hide is hysterical! This toy is well worth the money, and I highly recommend it for even the fussiest of cats...our dog even loves chasing the light too. My only slightly negative comment would be this isn't as quiet as I thought it would be from reading other reviews. If you want something completely silent, this isn't it, however, that said, it's not obnoxiously loud, but you couldn't watch TV with it running if you have the volume on low. For us, it's not a big deal, as the enjoyment Apachee gets is worth it. Even if you want a very quiet toy, I would still recommend giving this a try, your cat will thank you for it and love you even more.

K Jones
December 2012

Bought this after reading the reviews and thought what an interesting and different toy for my cats, very glad i did as they have had many hours for fun already. One suggestion would be to place the unit somewhere higher than the floor so they do not knock it over letting your cats play for longer.

J Baldock
December 2012

A fantastic cat toy and fantastic value for money. Nice and quiet, batteries last ages and the cats go nuts chasing it. Who needs cat nip?